Our Vision and Our Mission

Our Vision

We ignite a passion for learning in
Rhode Island College’s youngest students.
Our faculty will inspire your child to
learn, succeed, and grow.

Our Mission

The mission of the Henry Barnard School is
to provide a joyful, exceptional, educational
experience that empowers each child to
become a confident, accomplished and
innovative learner.

Faculty and Administration

Latest News


Making Change in Second Grade: Exploring Money through Project-Based Learning

Karen Capraro
This paper presents an examination and analysis of the restructuring of the organization of a second-grade classroom housed in a laboratory school setting.

Lab School

AFT Higher Education members are preparing the teachers of tomorrow through collaboration with a lab school at Rhode Island College.

Secretary-Treasurer Loretta Johnson of the National Level of the American Federation of Teachers visited and toured Henry Barnard School on August 31, 2017.


Flu Clinic

Henry Barnard School will be hosting a Flu Clinic for Students, Staff & Family Members (3+) on October 16, 2017, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Registration recommended but not required. Please register online at www.schoolflu.com.

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